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Yoga Is A Way Of Life.

Yoga helps a person to find balance in life. Today, people are living a life that has lost the harmony with body-mind-soul. As a result, the uncontrolled mind causes stress, anxiety, hypertension and physical manifestations such as heart disease. Yoga practice is an attempt to prevent such conditions and acquire the healthy living.  Yoga not only keeps you healthy, it maintains resilience, harnesses physical and mental energies and leads to the development of an integrated personality. Yoga helps balance your emotions, for example, with a calm mind you can make the right decision but with a disturbed mind, you often choose the wrong path. Daily practice of yoga will help you gain control over your emotions. Yoga is a combination of techniques like pranayama, asanas, relaxation, and mediation which are taught at the best yoga retreats in India. If you decide to incorporate yoga into the daily routine, you will notice the transformation in your personality within a few weeks.

Yoga Is A Soul Awakening Practice

Yoga is a 5000-year-old Indian practice that is performed to acquire a healthy body and peaceful mind. Yoga is derived from Sanskrit phrase “yuj” which means “union” or “uniting”. It is through the practice of yoga that we can unite the physical body with the non-physical body, the human and the soul consciousness. Yoga is not just exercise or asanas, it is the association of emotional and spiritual aspects unfolding the infinite potential of human body and soul.  Yoga is performed to energize the soul and allow the body to benefit from a well-organized mind.  A holistic yoga practice is actually a complete guide to the way we should be living our life, hence, yoga and lifestyle are interrelated to each other. Through yoga practice, we can seek out and explore the metaphysical being, and better understand the connection between our physical and non-physical self. Your body is merely a shell for your soul like we wear clothes to cover our bodies. Yoga is aimed at providing a peace to your soul, as a result, physical parts will automatically become peaceful. While there are a number of asanas in yoga that keep the body fit and flexible, the essence of yoga lies in making your mind peaceful for a happy and healthy life.

Yoga For You: Vishnu Yoga Tours

As you know, practicing yoga in a natural environment is beneficial for your body. In our yoga retreats and training programs, we travel to the different nature-inspired destinations around the world with the group. Participants build a connection with their inner self, make friends on the way and build an understanding of valuable meditation practices.

Being counted in one of the best yoga training schools in the world, Vishu yoga is unique yet simple enough to incorporate into daily life. We offer yoga and meditation retreats, that keep you fit for life and you also get a chance to explore beautiful places around the world. Our sessions are customized, we never push our students. You are free to choose a programme and yoga retreats. We have the best yoga teacher training in the world, with more than 15 years of experience in teaching yoga practice.