Known as the yoga of balance between the sun and moon, between the physical and the mental. Here the process is established starting with asanas ( physical postures) and pranayama (breathing control) these techniques give the practitioner improved health, energy, vitality and a feelings of peace. Hatha Yoga also encourages us to engage in healthy living habits and build a connection with the different dimensions of being, thanks to the yogic principles. These principles are taught to the practitioner so that gradually they can incorporate them into their life. These principles can bring joy, internal and external harmony.

Within Hatha Yoga it is possible to find a state of physical and energetic purification through kriyas (physical and mental cleansing exercises) and breathing exercises (pranayamas). These techniques are perfected with the passage of time. Relaxation and solace are reached through hatha yoga thanks to the student learning to know and accept themself, achieving an extraordinary ability to stay healthy and conscious at every moment through yoga.

It is the Yoga of eight processes (ashta: eight anga: part, stage, portion) integrated as the practice of Asanas and breath coordinated with sound. Ashtanga begins by exposing the student to a practice that although it has fixed sequences, is also explored in a very individual way by each one. Practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa patiently and with correct application of bandhas, which consist of healthy energy closures that directly influence the nerve plexuses and strategic centers of the body, allow the practitioner to begin to establish a genuine moving meditation. It is an opportunity to develop a lot of strength, balance and endurance but also a steady, stable and calm mind through a discipline that may seem purely physical but gives a great connection to the inner being. The postures follow one another in a dynamic and enjoyable flow. It is a demanding and powerful practice.

Through the Ashtanga Vinyasa we invite you to discover and develop the eight steps of Yoga through vinyasa (synchronization of breathing and movement). The goal is to be absorbed in complete meditation, here we will show you how it is possible. The steps or the eight parts are:

1. Yamas: Ethical regulations that teach respect for the dignity of other human beings and for nature. They bring harmony and great inner peace, there are 5:
-Ahimsa: Non-Violence.
-Satya: Truthfulness.
-Asteya: Not Stealing.
-Brahmacharya: Preserve vital energy.
-Aparigraha: Non-possessiveness, respect the space of others and avoid selfishness.

2. Niyamas: Self-control practices and personal discipline to keep yourself radiant and positive, there are also 5:
-Sauchan: External and internal cleaning.
-Santosha: Self Appreciation, accepting and valuing what you have. Accepting difficult times as positive challenges for individual evolution.
-Tapas: Proper effort and discipline.
-Swadhiaya: Self study and self-observation at every moment. Respond positively to the instructions received.
-Isvara Pranidhana: To release and accept that we are special but that we are not the center of the universe. Understand that we are part of a common creation and that we are controlled by nature and by the Creator.

3. Asanas: The physical postures to purify and strengthen the body.

4. Pranayamas: Techniques of energy control through breathing that grant a lot of power and mental balance.

5. Prathyahara: To establish oneself in the interior of the being. To learn to do this is very beautiful because it allows the self-recognition and the conscious disconnection from external concerns and situations, taking the practitioner to a state of calm.

6. Dharana: Exercising concentration by having the mind focus on one thing.

7. Dhyana: When focused concentration is maintained, then a state develops where the flow of attention is much more stable and this produces a wonderful sensation (meditation).

8. Samadhi: It is a deeper state of meditation where the practitioner achieves positive but indescribable peace and happiness. To feel observant without any prejudice and to understand the perfection that is in everything. It is seeing from the widest and most complete perspective. Samadhi has different degrees, highest of which is surrender to the Supreme Being. Connecting to the real essence of being and finding ourselves free of desires and fears is also advanced.

It is a very intense practice, that although it has elements of Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga does not have fixed sequences. Here the work however is conscientiously developed to avoid injuries and maintain a balance both physical and mental. Preserving the essence of Vishnu Yoga we demand the practitioner to advance, but at the same time we give them the space of self-observation without taking them to harmful limits. We seek to always improve the quality of life of those who are encouraged to practice with us.

Power Yoga is also ideal for stretching and / or strengthening certain parts of the body. Here, if the practitioner wishes, they can put a greater focus on the purely physical aspect. This does not necessarily exclude the serenity and tranquility that accompanies the practice of conscious breathing and final relaxation.

The different practices of Yoga focus on the individual and offer holistic teachings so that the practitioners are in the best physical and mental health, and feel in balance with their interpersonal and physical environments. However, sometimes people arrive with injuries, ailments or chronic health problems. 


In this case, a fully restorative approach to yoga is a great help for the practitioner to better manage the diseases or injuries, or possibly to heal and return to an optimal state of well-being. It is more frequent than one thinks that a medical professional advises someone to practice yoga to heal an injury, to cope with a degenerative disease, or to recover from/manage psychological or mental illness.


In addition to the practice of calm breathing and therapeutic positions that directly influence the injuries or diseases, we also offer spaces for rest, recovery and help the person to remain as calm and enthusiastic as possible. Undoubtedly a calmer mind and body can focus its energy in the healing process.

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